Translation of "then" - English-Spanish dictionary


adverb uk /ðen/ us /ðen/

A1 at that time

Call me tomorrow – I’ll have time to speak then.

A1 next, or after something has happened

Let me finish, then we’ll go.

A2 so or because of that

Have a rest now, then you won’t be tired this evening.

(Translation of “then” from the Cambridge English-Spanish Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)


adverb /ðen/

at that time in the past or future

entonces, en ese/aquel momento
I was at school then
If you’re coming next week, I’ll see you then.

used with prepositions to mean that time in the past or future

entonces, ese/aquel momento
John should be here by then
I’ll need you before then
I have been ill since then
Until then
Goodbye till then!

after that

entonces; después
I had a drink, (and) then I went home.

in that case

He might not give us the money and then what would we do?

often used especially at the end of sentences in which an explanation, opinion etc is asked for, or which show surprise etc

What do you think of that, then?

also; in addition

I have two brothers, and then I have a cousin in America.

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