Translation of "third" - English-Spanish dictionary


uk /θɜːd/ us /θɜrd/

A2 3rd written as a word

noun uk /θɜːd/ us /θɜrd/

one of three equal parts of something; 1/3

tercio, tercera parte

(Translation of “third” from the Cambridge English-Spanish Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)


noun /θəːd/

one of three equal parts

a third of the population.

( also adjective ) the last of three (people, things etc); the next after the second

the third person in the queue.
thirdly adverb

in the third place

en tercer lugar
Firstly, I haven’t enough money. Secondly, I’m too old and thirdly, it’s raining.
third-class adjective, adverb

of or in the class next after or below the second

de tercera clase
They were looked upon as third-class citizens.
third degree noun

a severe method of questioning people, sometimes using torture etc

interrogatorio exhaustivo, (someter a alguien) al tercer grado
The police gave him the third degree.
third party noun

a third person who is not directly involved in an action, contract etc

Was there a third party present when the two of you agreed to the sale?
third-rate adjective

of very bad quality

de baja categoría, de poca monta
a third-rate performance.
the Third World noun

the developing countries, those not part of or aligned with the two main powers

el Tercer Mundo
the needs of the Third World.

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