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uk /θɔːt/ us /θɔt/

past tense and past participle of think

pasado simple y participio pasado de “think”
noun uk /θɔːt/ us /θɔt/

B1 an idea or opinion

The thought of seeing her again filled him with happiness.

[ no plural ] the activity of thinking

You’ll need to give the matter some thought.

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verb /ˈθoːt/

see think.

thoughtful adjective

(appearing to be) thinking deeply

You look thoughtful
a thoughtful mood.

thinking of other people; consideration

considerado, atento
It was very thoughtful of you to do that.
thoughtfully adverb

pensativamente; con consideración
The thoughtfully provided umbrellas for everyone.
thoughtfulness noun

estado pensativo/meditabundo; atención, consideración
thoughtless adjective

not thinking about other people; showing no thought, care or consideration; inconsiderate

desconsiderado, poco considerado
thoughtless words.
thoughtlessly adverb

con poca consideración; a la ligera, sin pensar
thoughtlessness noun

falta de consideración; irreflexión
thought bubble noun

(in cartoons) a cloud shape containing the words which a cartoon character is thinking.

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