Translation of "tight" - English-Spanish dictionary


adjective uk /taɪt/ us /tɑɪt/

B1 fitting your body very closely

a tight skirt
→ Opposite loose

firm and difficult to move

apretado, tirante
Make sure the knot is tight.

strongly controlled and obeying all rules completely

They kept tight control of the budget.
tightly adverb /taɪt·li/ /tɑɪt·li/

tightness noun [ no plural ] /taɪt·nəs/ /tɑɪt·nəs/


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adjective /tait/

fitting very or too closely

apretado; estrecho
I couldn’t open the box because the lid was too tight
My trousers are too tight.

stretched to a great extent; not loose

He made sure that the ropes were tight.

(of control etc) strict and very careful

riguroso, estricto
She keeps (a) tight control over her emotions.

not allowing much time

We hope to finish this next week but the schedule’s a bit tight.
-tight suffix

sealed so as to keep (something) in or out, as in airtight, watertight

tighten verb

to make or become tight or tighter

apretar; tensar; cerrar herméticamente
He tightened his grip on her hand.
tightness noun

cualidad de apretado/hermético; carácter riguroso
the tightness of his trousers.
tights noun plural

( British ) a close-fitting ( usually nylon or woollen) garment covering the feet, legs and body to the waist; pantyhose( American)

She bought three pairs of tights.
tight-fisted adjective

mean and ungenerous with money

tacaño, agarrado
a tight-fisted employer.
tightrope noun

a tightly-stretched rope or wire on which acrobats balance.

cuerda floja
a tight corner/spot noun

a difficult position or situation

en un aprieto, entre la espada y la pared
His refusal to help put her in a tight corner/spot.
tighten one’s belt

to make sacrifices and reduce one’s standard of living

apretar(se) el cinturón
If the economy gets worse, we shall just have to tighten our belts.

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