Translation of "transpire" - English-Spanish dictionary


verb uk /trænˈspaɪər/ us /-ˈspaɪɚ/

formal If it transpires that something has happened, this previously secret or unknown fact becomes known. (of a secret or unknown fact) to become known

It may yet transpire that ministers knew more than they are admitting at the moment.
As it later transpired, she had known him at school.

formal to happen

ocurrir, pasar
No one is willing to predict what may transpire at the peace conference.

specialized biology If a body or plant transpires, it loses water through its surface or skin. (of a body or plant) to lose water through the surface or skin

transpiration noun [ no plural ] uk /ˌtræn.spɪˈreɪ.ʃən/ us specialized


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verb /( British ) trænˈspaiə; ( American) trænˈspaiər/

( formal) (of something secret or unknown) to be revealed

It transpired that he had been falsifying the company accounts.

( formal) to happen

We will probably never discover exactly what transpired at that meeting.

( biology) if a plant transpires, water passes out from the surface of its leaves into the air as water vapour/vapor.

transpiration noun

( biology) the process of water passing out from the surface of a plant’s leaves into the air as water vapour/vapor.


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