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noun uk /trɪk/ us /trɪk/

B1 something you do to deceive someone, or to make someone look stupid

engaño, trampa
I wasn’t really ill – it was just a trick.

B1 something that is done to entertain people and that seems to be magic

a card trick
do the trick

If something does the trick, it solves a problem or has the result you want.

resolver el problema
If I’ve got a headache, a couple of aspirins usually do the trick.
verb uk /trɪk/ us /trɪk/

to deceive someone

engañar, embaucar
They tricked him into signing the papers.

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noun /trik/

something which is done, said etc in order to cheat or deceive someone, and sometimes to frighten them or make them appear stupid

truco, trampa, engaño
The message was just a trick to get her to leave the room.

a clever or skilful action (to amuse etc)

The magician performed some clever tricks.
trickery noun

the act of deceiving or cheating

engaño, superchería
clever trickery.
trickster noun

a cheater.

estafador, timador
tricky adjective (comparative trickier, superlative trickiest)


difícil, complicado, espinoso
a tricky problem/job
a tricky person to deal with.
trickily adverb

difícilmente, complicadamente, espinosamente
He trickily managed to get past the defender and fire a shot at the goal.
trickiness noun

dificultad, complicación
trick question noun

a question that is likely to mislead a person.

pega, pregunta capciosa
do the trick

to do or be what is necessary

aviar, apañar, servir, funcionar
I need a piece of paper. This old envelope will do the trick!
play a trick / tricks on

to do something which is amusing to oneself because it deceives or frightens (someone else), or makes them appear stupid

gastar una broma
He played a trick on her by jumping out from behind a wall as she passed.
a trick of the trade noun

one of the ways of being successful in a job etc

truco del oficio
Remembering the customers’ names is one of the tricks of the trade.
trick or treat!

an expression used by children on Halloween to “threatenpeople that they will do annoying tricks if they do not get sweets or small presents.

frase que pronuncian los niños en Halloween cuando van pidiendo por las casas

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