Translation of "trust" - English-Spanish dictionary


verb uk /trʌst/ us /trʌst/

B1 to believe that someone is good and honest and will not harm you

confiar en
My sister warned me not to trust him.
trust someone to do something

to be sure that someone will do the right thing

confiar en que alguien haga algo
I trust them to make the right decision.
noun [ no plural ] uk /trʌst/ us /trʌst/

the belief that you can trust someone or something

a marriage based on love and trust

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verb /trast/

to have confidence or faith; to believe

confiar (en)
She trusted (in) him.

to give (something to someone), believing that it will be used well and responsibly

confiar algo a alguien
I can’t trust him with my car
I can’t trust my car to him.

to hope or be confident (that)

esperar; confiar (en que)
I trust (that) you had / will have a good journey.
trustee noun

a person who keeps and takes care of something ( especially money or property) for some one else

the board of trustees.
trustworthy adjective

( opposite untrustworthy) worthy of trust

de fiar/confianza, digno de confianza; fidedigno
Is your friend trustworthy?
trustworthiness noun

honradez, confiabilidad; veracidad, cualidad de fidedigno
trusty adjective

able to be trusted or depended on

fiel, leal; de confianza
his trusty sword
a trusty friend.
trustily adverb

fielmente, lealmente
trustiness noun

fidelidad, lealtad, confiabilidad

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