Translation of "unravel" - English-Spanish dictionary


verb uk /ʌnˈræv.əl/ us -ll- or US usually -l-

If a piece of knitted or woven cloth, a knot, or a mass of thread unravels, it separates into a single thread, and if you unravel it, you separate it into a single thread. (of a piece of woollen or woven cloth, a knot, or a mass of thread) to separate into a single thread, or to make something do this

desenredar(se), deshacer(se)
You’d better mend that hole before the whole sweater starts to unravel.
I had to unravel one of the sleeves because I realized I’d knitted it too small.

If you unravel a mysterious, unknown, or complicated subject, you make it known or understood, and if it unravels, it becomes known or understood. to make a mysterious or complicated subject known or understood, or (of a mysterious or complicated subject) to become known or understood

resolver(se), aclarar(se)
We have a long way to go before we unravel the secrets of genetics.

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verb /anˈrӕvəl/ (past tense, past participle unravelled, British unraveled)

to take (eg string, thread etc ) out of its tangled condition; disentangle

desenmarañar, desenredar
She could not unravel the tangled thread.

(especially of a knitted fabric) to undo or become undone

My knitting (got) unravelled/unraveled when it fell off the needles.

to solve (a problem, mystery etc)

Is there no-one who can unravel this mystery?

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