Translation of "use" - English-Spanish dictionary


verb uk /juːz/ us /juz/ present participle using, past tense and past participle used

A1 If you use something, you do something with it for a particular purpose.

Can I use your pen?
She uses her car for work.

B1 to take an amount from a supply of something

These light bulbs use less electricity.

Phrasal verb(s)


noun uk /juːs/ us /jus/

A2 [ no plural ] the act of using something, or the state of something being used

Guests have free use of the hotel swimming pool.

B1 a purpose for which something is used

Can you find a use for this box?

one of the meanings of a word, or the way that a particular word is used

Can you list all the uses of the word ‘point’?
be no use

used to say that trying to do something has no effect

ser inútil
It’s no use talking to him – he won’t listen.

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verb /juːz/

to employ (something) for a purpose

usar, utilizar
What did you use to open the can?

to consume

consumir, gastar
We’re using far too much electricity.
usable adjective

that can be used

utilizable, aprovechable
Are any of these clothes usable?
used adjective

employed or put to a purpose

This road is not used any more.

not new

usado, de segunda mano
used cars.
user noun

a person who uses something

usuario, persona que usa algo
computer users
drug users.
user-friendly adjective

(of a computer, dictionary, system etc ) that is easy or simple to use, understand etc

fácil de usar
a user-friendly camera.
user guide noun

a list of instructions etc on how to use a particular product, system etc

manual de instrucciones
The attached user guide explains how to install the program on your computer.
be used to (something) /ˈjuːstu/

accustomed to

acostumbrado/habituado a
She isn’t used to such hard work.
used to /ˈjuːstu/ (negative short forms usedn’t to, usen’t to /ˈjuːsntu/)

(I, he etc ) was in the habit of (doing something); (I, he etc ) was (usually) in a particular position, state etc

soler, acostumbrar
I used to swim every day
She used not to be so forgetful
They used to play golf, didn’t they?
Didn’t you use(d) to live near me?
There used to be a butcher’s shop there, didn’t there?

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