Translation of "use" - English-Spanish dictionary


noun /juːs/

the act of using or state of being used

uso, utilización
The use of force to persuade workers to join a strike cannot be justified
This telephone number is for use in emergencies.

the/a purpose for which something may be used

This little knife has plenty of uses
I have no further use for these clothes.

(often in questions or with negatives) value or advantage

Is this coat (of) any use to you?
It’s no use offering to help when it’s too late.

the power of using

She lost the use of her right arm as a result of the accident.

permission, or the right, to use

They let us have the use of their car while they were away.
useful adjective

helpful or serving a purpose well

a useful tool/dictionary
She made herself useful by doing the washing for her mother.
usefulness noun

This satnav has certainly proved its usefulness.
usefully adverb

in a useful way

He spent the day usefully in repairing the car.
useless adjective

having no use or no effect

Why don’t you throw away those useless things?
We can’t do it – it’s useless to try.
be in use ( be out of use)

to be used or not used

en uso/desuso, dar un uso/no darle un uso
How long has the gymnasium been in use / out of use?
come in useful

to become useful

resultar útil
My French came in useful on holiday.
have no use for

to despise

no querer saber de
I have no use for such silliness / silly people.
it’s no use

it’s impossible or useless

es inútil
He tried in vain to do it, then said ’It’s no use.’
make (good) use of ( put to (good) use)

sacar partido/provecho de
He makes use of his training
He puts his training to good use in that job.

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