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verb uk /ˈveə·ri/ us /ˈveər·i/ present participle varying, past tense and past participle varied

If things of the same type vary, they are different from each other.


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verb /ˈveəri/ (past tense, past participle varied)

to make, be or become different

These apples vary in size from small to medium.
variable adjective

that may be varied

The speed of the food mixer is variable.

(of eg winds, weather etc) liable or likely to change

variable, inestable
British weather is very variable.
variably adverb

variability noun (plural variabilities)

variant noun

something that is a slightly different form of another form

variante, diferente
Softball is a variant of baseball played with a larger ball.

(linguistics) a slightly different form of a word or phrase

variante, divergente
an American spelling variant.
variation noun

the extent to which a thing changes

In this climate there can be great variations in temperature thorughout the day.

one of a series of musical elaborations made on a basic theme or melody

Brahms’ variations on Haydn’s ’St Anthony’s Chorale’.
varied adjective

He has had a very varied career.

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