Translation of "verb" - English-Spanish dictionary


noun uk /vɜːb/ us /vɜrb/

A2 a word or group of words that refers to an action, state, or experience. For example, the words ‘arrive’, ‘make’, ‘be’, and ‘feel’ are verbs.


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noun /vəːb/

the word or phrase that gives the action, or asserts something, in a sentence, clause etc

an irregular verb.
verbal adjective

of, or concerning, verbs

verbal endings such as ’-fy’,’-ize’.

consisting of, or concerning, spoken words

a verbal warning/agreement.
verbally adverb

in or by speech, not writing

I replied to the invitation verbally.
verbatim /-ˈbeitim/ adjective, adverb

word for word

textualmente, palabra por palabra
a verbatim report of the argument
The child repeated my words verbatim.
verbose /-ˈbous/ adjective

using too many words; expressed in too many words

verboso, locuaz
a verbose speaker
a verbose description/style.

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