Translation of "wait" - English-Spanish dictionary


verb uk /weɪt/ us /weɪt/

A1 to stay in a place until someone or something arrives

I’m waiting for Harry.
How long did you wait for a taxi?
can’t wait to do something informal

A2 used to say how excited you are about something that you are going to do

tener muchas ganas de hacer algo
I can’t wait to see him.
wait a minute, second, etc.

B1 said in order to interrupt someone, or to get their attention, or when you have suddenly thought of something important

espera un minuto, segundo, etc.
Now, wait a moment – I don’t agree with that.
keep someone waiting

to be late so that someone has to wait for you

hacer esperar a alguien
I’m sorry that I kept you waiting.

Phrasal verb(s)

noun [ no plural ] uk /weɪt/ us /weɪt/

the act of staying in a place until someone or something arrives or someone or something is ready for you

We had a long wait at the airport.

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verb /weit/

(with for) to remain or stay (in the same place or without doing anything)

esperar, aguardar
Wait (for) two minutes (here) while I go inside
I’m waiting for John (to arrive).

(with for) to expect

I was just waiting for that pile of dishes to fall!

(with on) to serve dishes, drinks etc (at table)

She employed a servant to wait on her guests
He waits at table.
waiter noun (feminine waitress)

a person who serves people with food etc at table

camarero; camarera
She is a waitress in a café
Which waiter served you in the restaurant?
waiting list noun

a list of the names of people who are waiting for something

lista de espera
She is on the waiting list for medical treatment.
waiting room noun

a room in which people may wait (eg at a station, doctor’s surgery etc).

sala de espera

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