Translation of "wave" - English-Spanish dictionary


verb uk /weɪv/ us /weɪv/ present participle waving, past tense and past participle waved

B1 to put your hand up and move it from side to side in order to attract someone’s attention or to say goodbye

hacer señas, saludar (con la mano)
Wave goodbye to Grandma.
She waved at him.

to move from side to side in the air or make something move this way

The long grass waved in the breeze.
noun uk /weɪv/ us /weɪv/

B1 a line of higher water that moves across the surface of the sea or a lake

I could hear the waves crashing against the rocks.

the act of waving your hand

seña, saludo (con la mano)
She gave a little wave as the train left.

the pattern in which some types of energy, such as sound, light, and heat, are spread or carried

radio waves

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noun /weiv/

a moving ridge, larger than a ripple, moving on the surface of water

rolling waves
The boat was being tossed about on the waves.

a vibration travelling eg through the air

radio waves
sound waves
light waves.

a curve or curves in the hair

onda, ondulación
Are those waves natural?

a (usually temporary) rise or increase

the recent crime wave
a wave of violence
The pain came in waves.

an act of waving

señal/saludo/ademán con la mano
She recognized me, and gave me a wave.
wavy adjective (comparative wavier, superlative waviest)

(of hair) full of waves

Her hair is wavy, but her sister’s hair is straight.
waviness noun

wave noun ( waveband)

(physics ) a range of wavelengths on which eg radio signals are broadcast.

banda de ondas/frecuencias
wavelength noun

(physics ) the distance from any given point on one (radio etc) wave to the corresponding point on the next.

longitud de onda
wave aside phrasal verb

to dismiss (a suggestion etc) without paying much attention to it

rechazar, desechar, apartar
The minister waved aside any suggestion that he had acted improperly.

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