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noun [ no plural ] uk /west/ /west/

A2 the direction that you face to see the sun go down

Which way is west?
the west

A2 the part of an area that is farther toward the west than the rest

el oeste
There are a lot of farms in the west of the state.
the West

the countries of North America and Western Europe

west adjective uk /west/ /west/


the west shore of the lake
West Texas
west adverb uk /west/ /west/


hacia el oeste
We drove west.

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noun /west/

the direction in which the sun sets or any part of the earth lying in that direction

They travelled towards the west
The wind is blowing from the west
Heavy showers are forecast for the west of Britain.

(often with capital

also W) one of the four main points of the compass.
westerly adjective

(of a wind, breeze etc) coming from the west

de oeste
a westerly wind.

looking, lying etc towards the west

para el oeste
The storm is moving in a westerly direction.
western adjective

of the west or the West

del oeste
Western customs/clothes.
westernmost adjective

furthest west

el punto más occidental
the westernmost point of the country.
westward adjective

towards the west

para el oeste
The yacht is heading in a westward direction.
westward(s) adverb

towards the west

en dirección al oeste
We journeyed westwards for two weeks.
go west

to become useless; to be destroyed

fracasar, acabarse
I’m afraid this jacket has finally gone west
That’s all hopes of winning gone west.
the West noun

Europe and North and South America

el Oeste
He defected to the West during the Cold War.
the Wild West noun

the western United States, before the establishment of law and order.

el oeste americano

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