Translation of "whip" - English-Spanish dictionary


noun uk /wɪp/ us /hwɪp/

a long piece of leather fixed to a handle and used to hit an animal or person

verb uk /wɪp/ us /hwɪp/ present participle whipping, past tense and past participle whipped

to hit a person or animal with a whip

dar con el látigo a

to make a food such as cream more solid by mixing it hard with a kitchen tool


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noun /wip/

a long cord or strip of leather attached to a handle, used for punishing people, driving horses etc

He carries a whip, but he would never use it on the horse.

in parliament, a member chosen by his party to make sure that no one fails to vote on important questions.

oficial disciplinario de partido
whiplash noun

(the action of) the lash or cord of a whip.

latigazo, trallazo

(medical) a neck injury caused by a sudden movement of the head

traumatismo cervical
He escaped the car crash with whiplash and a few bruises.
whipped cream noun

liquid cream that has become thick by whipping it with a whisk

nata montada
Serve the dessert with whipped cream.
whip up phrasal verb

to whip

I’m whipping up eggs for the dessert.

to produce or prepare quickly

preparar en un momento, improvisar
I’ll whip up a meal in no time.

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