Translation of "win" - English-Spanish dictionary


verb uk /wɪn/ us /wɪn/ present participle winning, past tense and past participle won

A2 to get the most points in a competition or game

Barcelona won the game 6–0.

A2 to get a prize in a game or competition

He won $500.
She won a gold medal at the Olympics.

B1 to get the most votes in an election

Who do you think will win the election?

to be successful in a war, fight, or argument

This is a war that no one can win.
noun uk /wɪn/ us /wɪn/

success or victory in a game or competition

The Jets have only had three wins this season.

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verb /win/ (present participle winning, past tense, past participle won /wan/)

to obtain (a victory) in a contest; to succeed in coming first in (a contest), usually by one’s own efforts

He won a convincing victory in the election
Who won the war/match?
He won the bet
He won (the race) in a fast time / by a clear five metres.

to obtain (a prize) in a competition etc, usually by luck

to win first prize
I won $5 in the crossword competition.

to obtain by one’s own efforts

He won her respect over a number of years.
winner noun

ganador, vencedor
a lottery winner.
winning adjective

victorious or successful

ganador, vencedor, premiado
the winning candidate.

attractive or charming

encantador, cautivador, irresistible
a winning smile.
winning post noun

in horse-racing, a post marking the place where a race finishes.

win over phrasal verb

to succeed in gaining the support and sympathy of

convencer, persuadir, atraer, captar, ganarse
At first he refused to help us but we finally won him over.
win the day

to gain a victory; to be successful

llevarse la palma
The home team eventually won the day.
win through phrasal verb

to succeed in getting (to a place, the next stage etc)

conseguir triunfar
It will be a struggle, but we’ll win through in the end.

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