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noun uk /wɜːd/ us /wɜrd/

A1 a group of letters or sounds that mean something

‘Hund’ is the German word for ‘dog’.
not believe, understand, say, etc. a word

B1 to not believe, understand, say, etc. anything

no creerse, entender, decir, etc. ni una palabra
I don’t believe a word he says.
in other words

used to explain what something means in a different way

en otras palabras
He said he’s too busy. In other words, he isn’t interested.
have a word with someone

to talk to someone for a short time

hablar un momento con alguien
I’ll have a word with the neighbours about the noise.
I’ll have a word with Ted and see if he wants to come.
take someone’s word for it

to believe that what someone says is true

confiar en alguien
If he says there’s $500 in the envelope, then I’ll take his word for it.
word for word

using the exact words that were originally used

palabra por palabra
She repeated word for word what he had told her.
give someone your word

to promise someone something

dar tu palabra a alguien
He gave me his word that he wouldn’t tell anyone.
from the word go

from the start of something

desde el primer instante
The project had problems with funding right from the word go.

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noun /wəːd/

the smallest unit of language (whether written, spoken or read)

a list of useful words to learn.

a (brief) conversation

I’d like a (quick) word with you in my office.


When you get there, send word that you’ve arrived safely.

a solemn promise

He gave her his word that it would never happen again.
wording noun

the manner of expressing something, the choice of words etc

redacción, expresión
The wording on the contract will have to be altered.
word processor noun

(computing ) a program for writing or editing texts, letters etc and storing them in the computer’s memory; a computer used for doing this.

procesador de textos
word processing noun

procesamiento de textos
word-perfect adjective

repeated, or able to repeat something, precisely in the original words

correcto hasta la última palabra
a word-perfect performance
He wants to be word-perfect by next week’s rehearsal.
by word of mouth

by one person telling another in speech, not in writing

verbalmente, de palabra
She got the information by word of mouth.
get a word in edgeways

to break into a conversation etc and say something

meter baza
He talks so much that it’s virtually impossible to get a word in edgeways.
in a word

to sum up briefly

en una palabra
In a word, I don’t like him.
keep/break one’s word

to keep or fail to keep one’s promise

cumplir/faltar su palabra
She kept her word and provided us with everything we needed.
take (someone) at his/her word

to believe (someone) without question and act according to his words

cogerle la palabra a alguien
We had no choice but to take him at his word.
take someone’s word for it

to assume that what someone says is correct (without checking)

aceptar lo que alguien dice
I took his word for it in the hope that he wouldn’t let us down.
word for word

in the exact, original words

That’s precisely what he told me, word for word.

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