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verb uk /raɪt/ us /rɑɪt/ present participle writing, past tense wrote, past participle written

A1 to make words, letters, or numbers on a surface using a pen or pencil

Write your name at the top of the page.

A2 to send someone a letter

I wrote her a letter last week.
Write to me!

B1 to create a book, story, article, etc. or a piece of music

He’s writing a book on Russian literature.

Phrasal verb(s)

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verb /rait/ (past tense wrote /rout/, past participle written /ˈritn/)

to draw (letters or other forms of script) on a surface, especially with a pen or pencil on paper

They wrote their names on a sheet of paper
The child has learned to read and write
Please write in ink.

to compose the text of (a book, poem etc)

She wrote a book about dinosaurs.

to compose a letter (and send it)

He has written a letter to me about this matter
I’ll write you a long letter about my holiday
I wrote to you last week.
writer noun

a person who writes, especially for a living

Dickens was a famous English writer
the writer of this letter.
writing noun

letters or other forms of script giving the written form of (a) language

the Chinese form of writing
I can’t read your writing.
writings noun plural

the collected books, poems, correspondence etc of a particular (usually famous) person

escrito, obra escrita
the writings of Plato.
written /ˈritn/ adjective

in writing

a written message.
writing paper noun

paper for writing letters etc on

papel de escribir, papel de carta
writing paper and envelopes.
write down phrasal verb

to record in writing

anotar, apuntar
She wrote down every word he said.
write out phrasal verb

to copy or record in writing

Write this exercise out in your neatest handwriting.

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