Translation of "zoom" - English-Spanish dictionary


verb uk /zuːm/ us informal

to move very quickly

ir/pasar/salir zumbando
They got into the car and zoomed off.
In the last few metres of the race, she suddenly zoomed ahead.

If prices or sales zoom, they increase suddenly and quickly.

elevarse, dispararse
House prices suddenly zoomed up last year.

Phrasal verb(s)

noun uk /zuːm/ us informal

a zoom lens a device in a camera, or connected to a camera, that can make the thing being photographed appear nearer


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noun /zuːm/

a loud, low-pitched buzzing noise

the zoom of cars speeding past them on the racetrack
zoom lens noun (plural zoom lenses)

a type of camera lens which can make a distant object appear gradually closer without moving the camera.

objetivo focal variable, zoom
zoom in phrasal verb

to direct a camera (on to an object etc) and use a zoom lens to make it appear to come closer

enfocar con el zoom
Film the whole building first, then zoom in on the door.

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