Translation of "opinion" - English-Thai dictionary


noun /əˈpinjən/

what a person thinks or believes

My opinions about education have changed.

a (professional) judgement, usually of a doctor, lawyer etc

He wanted a second opinion on his illness.

what one thinks of the worth or value of someone or something

I have a very high opinion of his work.
opinionated adjective

(disapproving) having very strong opinions that you are unwilling to change

He can be very opinionated when it comes to politics.
opinion poll noun

the process of finding out what people in general think about a subject by questioning people who are representative of a larger group

The opinion poll suggests that the party will do better than it did in the last general election.
be of the opinion (that)

to think

He is of the opinion that nothing more can be done.
in my ( your etc opinion)

according to what I, you etc think

In my opinion, he’s right.
a matter of opinion noun

something about which different people (may) have different opinions

Whether it is better to marry young or not is a matter of opinion.

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