Translation of "abandon" - English-Vietnamese dictionary


verb /əˈbӕndən/

to leave, not intending to return to

từ bỏ
The bank robbers abandoned the stolen car.

to stop doing something because of a problem

The match had to be abandoned because of the bad weather.

(literary) to give (oneself) completely to something

buông thả
After his wife’s death, he abandoned himself to despair.
abandoned adjective

having been left without any intention of returning to or reclaiming

bỏ rơi
The police found the abandoned vehicle.

not being used or cared for any more

bị bỏ hoang
an abandoned factory.

(literary, old-fashioned) shameless

trơ tráo
an abandoned young woman.
abandonment noun

từ bỏ
Lack of money led to the abandonment of the plan.

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