Translation of "conduct" - English-Vietnamese dictionary


verb /kənˈdakt/

to lead or guide

hướng dẫn
We were conducted down a narrow path by the guide
He conducted the tour.

to carry or allow to flow

dẫn (nhiệt, điện)
Most metals conduct electricity.

(music ) to direct (an orchestra, choir etc).

chỉ huy

to behave (oneself)

cư xử
He conducted himself well at the reception.

to manage or carry on (a business).

quản lý
conducted tour noun

tour du lịch
Tourists are taken on conducted tours of the city.
conduction /-ʃən/ noun

(physics ) transmission of heat etc by a conductor

tính dẫn (nhiệt, điện)
heat conduction in metals.
conductor noun

(physics) a thing that conducts heat or electricity

chất dẫn (nhiệt, điện)
Copper is a good conductor of heat.

(music ) a director of an orchestra, choir etc.

người chỉ huy dàn nhạc

(feminine conductress) a person who collects fares on a bus etc

người soát vé
a bus conductor.

(American) a guard on a train.

trưởng tàu

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