Translation of "dish" - English-Vietnamese dictionary


noun /diʃ/

a plate, bowl etc in which food is brought to the table

a large shallow dish.

food mixed and prepared for the table

món ăn
She served us an interesting dish containing chicken and almonds.
dishtowel noun

(American ) a small towel used for drying dishes; tea cloth(British ), tea towel(British)

khăn lau đĩa
dishwasher noun

a machine for washing dishes

máy rửa bát
Have you emptied the dishwasher yet?
dish-washing noun

the job of washing soiled dishes.

công việc rử bát
dishwater noun

water used for washing dishes

nước rửa bát
She poured the dirty dishwater down the sink.
dish out phrasal verb

to distribute or give to people

phân chia
He dished out the roast potatoes.

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