Translation of "engage" - English-Vietnamese dictionary


verb /inˈɡeidʒ/

to begin to employ (a workman etc)

thuê một người
He engaged him as his assistant.

to book; to reserve

đặt trước
He has engaged an entertainer for the children’s party.

to take hold of or hold fast; to occupy

chiếm hoặc thu hút (ý nghĩ, thời gian… của ai
He tried to engage her attention.

to join battle with

giao chiến
The two armies were fiercely engaged in battle.

to (cause part of a machine etc to) fit into and lock with another part

làm cho ăn khớp với nhau
The driver engaged second gear.
engaged adjective

bound by promise (especially to marry)

đã đính hôn
She became engaged to John.

(with in) employed or occupied

bận rộn
She is engaged in social work.

busy; not free; occupied

Please come if you are not already engaged for that evening
The room / telephone line is engaged.
engagement noun

sự hứa hẹn; trận giao chiến
the engagement of three new assistants
When shall we announce our engagement?
Have you any engagements tomorrow?
a naval engagement (= battle)
(also adjective) an engagement ring.
engaging adjective


quyến rũ
an engaging smile.

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