Translation of "harmony" - English-Vietnamese dictionary


noun /ˈhaːməni/ (plural harmonies)

(of musical sounds, colours/colors etc) (the state of forming) a pleasing combination

sự hài hoà; sự hoà âm
The singers sang in harmony.

the agreement of people’s feelings, opinions etc

sự hoà hợp
Few married couples live in perfect harmony.
harmonic /-ˈmo-/ adjective

of, or concerned with, especially musical harmony

hài hoà; hòa âm
a harmonic scale.
harmonious /-ˈməu-/ adjective


du dương
a harmonious melody.

pleasant to the eye

hài hoà
a harmonious colour/color scheme.

without disagreement or bad feeling

hoà hợp
I generally had a harmonious relationship with my colleagues.
harmoniously adverb

một cách hài hoà; hoà hợp
They worked alongside each other harmoniously.
harmoniousness noun

tính hài hoà; hoà hợp
harmonize verb ( (also harmoniseBritish))

(music) to sing or play musical instruments in harmony.

hoà âm

(music) to add different parts to (a melody) to form harmonies.

phối hoà âm

to (cause to) be in harmony or agreement

hài hoà
The colours in this room harmonize nicely.
harmonization noun ( (also harmonisationBritish))

sự làm hài hoà; sự phối hoà âm
harmonization of international standards.

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