Translation of "mark" - English-Vietnamese dictionary


noun /maːk/

(also Deutsche Mark, Deutschmark /ˈdoitʃmaːk/) the standard unit of German currency before the euro.

đồng Mác (Đức)

a point given as a reward for good work etc

điểm số
She got good marks in the exam.

a stain

vết bẩn
That spilt coffee has left a mark on the carpet.

a sign used as a guide to position etc

dấu vết
There’s a mark on the map showing where the church is.

a cross or other sign used instead of a signature

dấu chữ thập (của những người không biết viết
He couldn’t sign his name, so he made his mark instead.

an indication or sign of a particular thing

biểu hiện
a mark of respect.
marked adjective

obvious or easily noticeable

nối bật
There has been a marked improvement in her work.
markedly /-kid-/ adverb


một cách nổi bật
It’s markedly easier to do it by this method.
marker noun

a person who marks eg the score at games.

người ghi điểm

something used for marking, eg in scoring, showing the position of something etc

vật dùng để đánh dấu
The area is indicated by large green markers.

a type of pen, usually with a thick point

bút dạ
a felt marker
a permanent marker.
marksman /ˈmaːks-/ noun (plural marksmen)

a person who shoots well

nhà thiện xạ
The police marksman did not kill the criminal – he wounded him in the leg to prevent him escaping.
marksmanship noun

a person’s skill as a marksman.

tài thiện xạ
leave/make one’s mark

to make a permanent or strong impression

để lại dấu ấn
The horrors of the war have left their mark on the children.
mark out phrasal verb

to mark the boundary of (eg a football pitch) by making lines etc

vẽ ranh giới
The pitch was marked out with white lines.

to select or choose for some particular purpose etc in the future

đề ra kế hoạch
He had been marked out for an army career from early childhood.
mark time

to move the feet up and down as if marching, but without going forward

làm cho qua ngày
He’s only marking time in this job till he gets a better one.

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