Translation of "quote" - English-Vietnamese dictionary


verb /kwəut/

to repeat the exact words of a person as they were said or written

trích dẫn
to quote Shakespeare / Shakespeare’s words / from Shakespeare, ’Is this a dagger which I see before me?’

to name (a price)

định giá
The plumber quoted us a ridiculous price to fix the boiler.

to mention or state in support of an argument

nêu ra để hỗ trợ cho một câu hỏi
to quote an example.
quotation noun

a person’s exact words, as repeated by someone else

đoạn trích dẫn
a quotation from Shakespeare.

a price mentioned (for a job etc)

bản báo giá
His quotation for the work seemed reasonable to me.

the act of quoting.

sự trích dẫn; sự báo giá
quotation marks noun plural

marks (‘‘’’ or ‘’) used to show that a person’s words are being repeated exactly

dấu ngoặc kép
He said ’I’m going out.’

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