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acceptancenoun [ U ]

uk /əkˈsep.təns/ us /əkˈsep.təns/

general agreement that something is satisfactory or right, or that someone should be included in a group:

The idea rapidly gained acceptance (= became approved of) in political circles.
The party marked his acceptance into the community.

C1 the act of agreeing to an offer, plan, or invitation:

Her acceptance of the award was very controversial.
an acceptance speech

the fact of accepting a difficult or unpleasant situation:

His attitude to his children's behaviour is one of resigned acceptance.

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acceptancenoun [ U ]

us /ɪkˈsep·təns, æk-/

Acceptance of an offer or an invitation means that you say yes to it:

The White House indicated its acceptance of the offer to visit Russia.

Acceptance of a person is the act of agreeing to that person’s becoming a member of an organization or group, or to that person’s belonging to your group as an equal.

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"acceptance" in Business English

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uk /əkˈseptəns/ us

[ U ] the act of agreeing to something such as an offer or invitation:

The board has recommended acceptance of the offer.
On acceptance of the proposal, a draft agreement will be sent to both parties.

[ U ] COMMERCE, LAW the act of formally agreeing to buy or sell goods at a particular price or to use something in a particular way:

We will confirm acceptance of your order by email.
A formal letter of acceptance is sent to the successful supplier.
Placing of an order constitutes acceptance of our terms and conditions.

[ U ] MARKETING willingness of people to use a new product or service or to believe a new idea:

gain/find/win acceptance These devices are gaining acceptance within the marketplace.
consumer/customer/public acceptance The project aims to assess consumer acceptance of GM foods.

[ C ] FINANCE an agreement by a shareholder to sell their shares to another company during a takeover:

The bidding company has received acceptances in respect of 73.27% of the issued shares.

[ C or U ] FINANCE an act of agreeing to pay a bill of exchange (= a written order to pay someone a particular amount of money) by writing your name on the document, or the document itself:

In essence, an acceptance is a promise to pay.

[ U ] INSURANCE an agreement or contract between an insurance company and a customer to provide insurance:

This life insurance plan offers guaranteed acceptance for the over 50s.

[ U ] IT, PRODUCTION approval of a new machine, computer system, etc. after testing it to check that it works correctly:

A number of acceptance tests were performed.

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