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uk   us   /əˈkaʊnt/

account noun (BANK)

B1 [C] (also bank account) an ​arrangement with a ​bank to ​keepyourmoney there and to ​allow you to take it out when you need to: I've opened an account with a ​buildingsociety. I ​paid the ​money into my account this ​morning.UK She paid the ​cheque into her account.US She deposited the ​check in her account. I need to draw some ​money out of my account.
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account noun (REPORT)

B2 [C] a written or ​spokendescription of an ​event: She gave a ​thrilling account of her ​life in the ​jungle. He kept a ​detailed account of the suspect's ​movements. Several ​eyewitnesses' accounts ​differedconsiderably from the ​officialversion of ​ all accounts C1 as said by most ​people: By all accounts, San Francisco is a ​city that's ​easy to ​fall in ​love your own account If something is ​true by ​your own account, what you say is ​truealthough you have not ​proved it: By his own account, he's ​quitewealthy.
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account noun (REASON)

on account of sth formal
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B2 because of something: He doesn't ​drinkalcohol on account of his ​poorhealth.

account noun (BUSINESS)

[C] an ​agreement with a ​shop or ​business that ​allows you to ​buy things and ​pay for them ​later: Could you put it on/charge it to my account (= can I ​pay for it ​later), ​please? Do you have an account at this ​store/with us, ​madam? Could you ​please pay/​settleyour account in ​full (= give us all the ​money you ​owe us)? [C] a ​customer who does ​business with a ​company: If the ​advertisingagencyloses this account, it will make a ​bigdent in ​theirprofits.

account noun (IMPORTANCE)

be of no/little account formal to not be ​important: It's of no account to me whether he comes or not. His ​opinion is of little account to me.

accountverb [T + obj + noun/adj ]

uk   us   /əˈkaʊnt/ formal

account verb [T + obj + noun/adj ] (JUDGE)

to ​think of someone or something in the ​stated way: She was accounted a ​genius by all who ​knew her ​work.
(Definition of account from the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

"account" in American English

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accountnoun [C]

 us   /əˈkɑʊnt/

account noun [C] (FINANCIAL SERVICE)

moneykept in a ​bank or other ​organization that you can ​add to or take back An account is also an ​arrangement with a ​store or a ​company that ​allows you to ​buy things and ​pay for them ​later:

account noun [C] (REPORT)

a written or ​spokendescription of an ​event
(Definition of account from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

"account" in Business English

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accountnoun [C]

uk   us   /əˈkaʊnt/
(also bank account, written abbreviation a/c, also acct.) BANKING an ​arrangement with a ​bank in which the ​customer puts in and ​takes out ​money and the ​bankkeeps a ​record of it: close/open an account When she ​starts school we're ​opening an account in her ​name and we'll put ​money into it each ​year.deposit/pay money into an account Anna could ​deposit her ​savings into an account ​offering more ​ account with sth She ​applied for the ​card soon after ​opening an account with the ​bank.joint/separate account It's better to have ​separate accounts and ​feedmoney into a ​joint account for ​sharedbills. a ​checking/​cheque/​current accountbusiness/personal account Each month I ​transfermoney from my ​business account to my ​personal account. a deposit/​savings account
(also UK credit account, also US charge account) FINANCE an ​agreement with a ​store or ​company that ​allows you to ​buy things and ​pay for them later: open an account with sth If you ​open an account with the ​store you ​save 10%.charge sth to an account Jenny got the ​bill and said she'd ​charge it to the ​company account.
ACCOUNTING a ​record of ​money received, ​spent, or ​owed: An account oftravelexpensesincurred by an ​employee must be ​submitted for ​reimbursement together with ​receipts.
MARKETING a ​customer who does ​businessregularly with a ​company: lose/win an account The ​company has ​won a ​batch of ​high-profileadvertising accounts
IT an ​agreement with a ​company that ​allows you to use the ​internet and ​email, and gives you ​space on the ​internet to put your ​documents: Some ​people have a ​specificservice in mind, whether it's an account with ​free Web ​space or the ​ability to ​develop an ​electroniccommercesiteonline.
on account to be ​paid for at a later ​time: $25,000 in ​inventory was purchased on account from ​suppliers in July. paid as ​part of the ​totalamountowed: Part ispaid on account, and the rest is ​paid at the end of the ​period.
(Definition of account from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)
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“account” in American English

“account” in Business English

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