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Meaning of “active” in the English Dictionary

"active" in British English

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uk   us   /ˈæk.tɪv/

active adjective (BUSY)

B1 busy with a ​particularactivity: physically/​mentally active You have to ​try to keep active as you ​growolder.
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active adjective (INVOLVED)

B2 involved in a ​particularactivity: Enemy ​forcesremain active in the ​mountainousareas around the ​city. She's very active in (= ​involved in)localpolitics. Both of his ​parents were very politically active. It is ​important to ​educatechildren before they ​become sexually active. He ​takes a more active role in the ​teamnowadays. She's an active member of her ​tradeunion (= not only ​belongs to it, but does ​work to ​help it).
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active adjective (VOLCANO)

C1 An active volcano is one that might erupt (= ​throw out ​hotliquidrock or other ​matter) at any ​time.

active adjective (GRAMMAR)

B1 language An active ​verb or ​sentence is one in which the ​subject is the ​person or thing that ​performs the ​statedaction: "Catrin told me" is an active ​sentence, and "I was told by Catrin" is ​passive.
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activenoun [S]

uk   us   /ˈæk.tɪv/
the active →  the active voice
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"active" in American English

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 us   /ˈæk·tɪv/

active adjective (DOING SOMETHING)

doing something as you usually do, or being ​able to do something ​physically or ​mentally: He was still an active ​runner at 55. She’s active in ​statepolitics (= ​involved in it). She ​intends to ​remainpolitically active. His ​NationalGuardunit was put on active duty (= made ​part of the ​regularfightingforce). An active volcano is one that might ​begin to ​throw out ​hotgases, ​liquid, or ​rocks at any ​time.

active adjective (GRAMMAR)

grammar [not gradable] describing a ​verb or ​sentence in which the ​subject is the ​person or thing that does what is ​stated: In "Alex gave me a ​gift," the ​verb "give" is active, and in "I was given a ​gift by Alex," "give" is ​passive.
adverb  us   /ˈæk·tɪv·li/
He isn’t actively ​involved in the ​day-to-daymanagement of the ​businessanymore.
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"active" in Business English

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uk   us   /ˈæktɪv/
busy with or involved in a particular ​activity: active in sth He expects to remain active in ​commoditytrading in London. She ​claims to be active in almost every aspect of her ​business.
doing something practical rather than ​allowing a ​situation to ​develop by itself: an active member/participant He has been an active ​member of the Executive Committee since active part/role Employees who take an active ​part in the ​projectfeel more involved and more ​responsible about the ​results. active ​participation/​interventionactive in sth We would expect countries whose ​firms are ​highlyglobalized to be more active in ​adoptinge-commerce.
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FINANCE involving a lot of ​buying and ​selling of ​shares, etc.: active buying/trading Trading was most active in five-year maturities. The ​session was active early, but ​volumedropped off after midday. This made Intel the second-most active ​stock in U.S. ​trading.
used to describe a ​company that is ​sellinggoods and ​services or doing ​business, especially in a particular ​place: Whitbread was especially active but several other ​brewers were also ​buying at the ​rate of 20 or 30 a ​ active in sth The ​company is active in a wide ​range of ​businesses, ​includingoil, ​chemicals, and ​construction. Over the last ten ​years, the ​company has become active in ​Europe.
working or being used at a particular ​time: active accounts/cardholders/customers The ​company has more than one million active ​cardholders, with about 44% of all ​groupsales being made through the ​card. active ​employees/​members The ​organizationreleases a ​weeklysurvey of the ​number of active ​oil and ​gasdrillingrigs in the U.S. and Canada.
IT relating to ​programs, etc. that are being used at a particular ​time: Click the associated ​tab in a ​barrunning across the ​screen, and the ​selectedpageopens in the active ​window.
(Definition of active from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)
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