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uk /əˈdʒʌst/ us /əˈdʒʌst/

adjust verb (MAKE CHANGES)

B2 [ T ] to change something slightly, especially to make it more correct, effective, or suitable:

If the chair is too high you can adjust it to suit you.
As a teacher you have to adjust your methods to suit the needs of slower children.

[ T ] to arrange your clothing to make yourself look tidy:

She adjusted her skirt, took a deep breath, and walked into the room.

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adjustverb [ I/T ]

us /əˈdʒʌst/

to change something slightly to make it fit, work better, or be more suitable:

[ T ] Adjust the angle of your monitor so you can easily read it.
[ I ] You need time to adjust to a new situation.
adjective us /əˈdʒʌs·tə·bəl/

The height of the steering wheel is adjustable.
noun [ C/U ] us /əˈdʒʌst·mənt/

[ C ] Only a few adjustments were needed to make her dress fit perfectly.

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"adjust" in Business English

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uk /əˈdʒʌst/ us

[ T ] to change something slightly to make it fit, work better, or be more suitable:

You may need to adjust the image on your screen to keep it centered.
They fail to update information on an ongoing basis and adjust sales strategies accordingly.
Contractors have been slow to adjust their recruiting strategies to take account of these changes.

[ T ] to change figures slightly according to inflation, the time of year, etc. so that they can be compared in a useful way with other figures:

adjust sth for sth Payouts from the fund, when adjusted for inflation, are 20% less today than they were 10 years ago.
The region's seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 8.9% this spring.

[ I ] to become more familiar with a new situation:

adjust to sth Restaurant owners will get additional time to adjust to the new regulations.

[ T ] INSURANCE to decide how much money will be paid to an insurance customer or to pay them the money:

adjust a claim We adjust flood-related claims according to general company and industry standards.

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