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uk /əˈdʒʌstmənt/ us

[ C or U ] a slight change made to something to make it fit, work better, or be more suitable, or the act of making such a change:

A small adjustment at the right place can make a significant difference.
If the colour does not appear quite right, check your monitor settings for adjustment.
adjustment to sth The final plan will serve as an adjustment to the two-year budget approved last year.

[ C or U ] a slight change to figures according to inflation, the time of year, etc. so that they can be compared in a useful way with other figures, or the act of making such a change:

adjustment to sth The finance minister will again delay the inflation adjustment to excise duty on petrol.
adjustment for sth The population has been split into 10 equal groups, ranked by income, after adjustment for family size.

[ U ] the process of becoming more familiar with a new situation:

make an adjustment This is a very, very big adjustment for us to make.

[ U ] INSURANCE the job of getting information about an accident, theft, etc. in order to decide how much money to pay an insurance customer:

There was a breach in the insurance companies' adjustment and payment.

[ C ] INSURANCE the amount of money that an insurance company pays to a customer who has been involved in an accident, had something stolen, etc.:

After calculating what the adjustment should have been, they analyse how the insurance company adjustments deviated from reality.

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