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uk /əˈdɒpt/ us /əˈdɑːpt/

adopt verb (TAKE CHILD)

B2 [ T or I ] to legally take another person's child into your own family and take care of him or her as your own child:

They've adopted a baby girl.
She had the child adopted (= she gave her baby to someone else to take care of).
They have no children of their own, but they're hoping to adopt.

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adopt verb (CHOOSE)

[ T ] to choose someone or something or take something as your own:

Dr Kennedy has been adopted as the party's candidate for South Cambridge.

[ T ] to start behaving in a particular way, especially by choice:

Roz has adopted one or two funny mannerisms since she's been away.

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us /əˈdɑpt/

adopt verb (TAKE CHILD)

[ I/T ] to take another person’s child legally into your own family to raise as your own child:

[ T ] They adopted Raphael last September.

adopt verb (START)

[ T ] to accept or begin to use something:

The new law means companies will adopt energy-saving measures.

[ T ] If an organization adopts a rule, it votes to accept it:

The motion to increase fees was adopted.

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"adopt" in Business English

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adoptverb [ T ]

uk /əˈdɒpt/ us

to start to use a new method, system, law, etc.:

Many European businesses are now adopting a management style closer to that of the US.
adopt an approach/strategy/policy According to the inspector-general's report, the airline industry needs to adopt a more consistent approach.
adopt a measure/system/plan Companies involved in public takeovers should adopt more stringent measures to investigate information leaks.
adopt a resolution/regulation/solution The Security Council adopted a resolution promising economic aid to the region.

to start to use a new product or service:

Large firms lead small firms in terms of adopting e-commerce.

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