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Meaning of “advance” in the English Dictionary

"advance" in British English

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uk   /ədˈvɑːns/  us   /-ˈvæns/

advance verb (MOVE FORWARD)

[I or T] to go or ​move something ​forward, or to ​develop or ​improve something: The ​fire advanced ​steadily through the ​forest. The ​troops advanced on the ​city (= ​approached it, ​ready to ​attack). We have advanced ​greatly in ​ourknowledge of the ​universe. Her ​study has ​considerably advanced (= ​helped) the cause of ​equalrights. He's just ​trying to advance (= ​improve) his own career.
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advance verb (PAY)

[T] to ​pay someone some ​money before the ​regulartime: [+ two objects] Could you advance me £500 until ​Tuesday?

advance verb (SUGGEST)

[T] formal to ​suggest an ​idea or ​theory: the ​theory advanced in this ​article

advance verb (INCREASE)

[I] If something such as a shareprice advances, it ​increases in ​value: On the New York Stock Exchange 1,228 ​issues advanced and 1,157 ​declined .


uk   /ədˈvɑːns/  us   /-ˈvæns/

advance noun (MOVEMENT)

B2 [C or U] the ​forwardmovement of something, or an ​improvement or ​development in something: Nothing could ​stop the advance of the floodwaters. Recent advances inmedicalsciencemean that this ​illness can now be ​cured.
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advance noun (MONEY)

moneypaid to someone before the ​regulartime: She ​asked for a £300 advance on her ​salary.

advance noun (SEX)

[C usually plural] an ​attempt to ​start a ​sexual or ​romanticrelationship with someone: She ​rejected his ​unwelcome advances.

advance noun (PRICE)

[C] something such as a shareprice that ​increases in ​value: Declining ​stockseasilydefeated advances 413 to 302.

advanceadjective [before noun]

uk   /ədˈvɑːns/  us   /-ˈvæns/
happening, done, or ​ready before an ​event: advance ​payment/​booking We got no advance warning/​notice of the ​changes.
(Definition of advance from the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

"advance" in American English

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advanceverb [I/T]

 us   /ədˈvæns, æd-/

advance verb [I/T] (MOVE FORWARD)

to go or move something ​forward, or to ​develop or ​improve something: [T] Research has advanced ​ourunderstanding of the ​virus. [I] Tonight’s ​winner advances to the ​semifinals.
noun [U]  us   /ədˈvæns·mənt, æd-/
They did nothing for the advancement of women.


 us   /ədˈvæns, æd-/

advance adjective (HAPPENING EARLY)

happening before an ​event: We got no advance ​warning of the ​changes.


 us   /ədˈvæns, æd-/

advance noun (HAPPENING EARLY)

[C] moneypaid before something ​happens: Most ​authors get an advance on ​royalties they’ll ​earnlater.

advance noun (MOVING FORWARD)

[C/U] an ​act of ​moving something ​forward or ​improving something: [C] Technological advances have ​changed TV ​news. [U] The army’s advance was ​halted. [C] fig. She ​rejected his ​unwelcome advances (= ​attempts to make her ​interested in him).
(Definition of advance from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

"advance" in Business English

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uk   us   /ədˈvɑːns/
[C or U] an ​improvementrelating to a particular ​activity or ​area of ​knowledge: Doctors believe that the ​findingsrepresent a ​major advance in ​treating heart disease. The government's White Paper embodies the hopes of those who believe in the advance of the ​digital age.technological/medical/economic advances What has been the ​impact of ​technological advances on the securities ​markets?advances in sth Advances in ​drilling and ​productiontechnologies have significantly ​reduced the ​risk of a ​majoroil spill.
[C] FINANCE money that is ​paid to a ​person or ​organization before the usual ​time or before a ​piece of ​work is ​finished: Loans and advances usually ​represent the ​single largest ​asset of most ​banks. Publishers generally pay an advance once the ​authorfinishes the manuscript. The US singer will receive a $17.5m cash advance on ​signing the 10-year ​contract.
[C] FINANCE, STOCK MARKET an ​increase in the ​price or ​value of something such as a ​share or a ​currency: Declining ​stocks easily defeated advances 413 to 302.advance in sth Every one ​yen advance in the Japanese currency's ​value against the ​dollar could ​reducecurrentprofits by as much as five ​billionyen.
in advance (of sth) before something else ​happens or is done: Ticket ​prices are ​cheaper if ​bought in advance. Rating ​agenciesissuedstatements of the city's ​financialcondition in advance of this week's ​sale of $500 million in ​bonds.
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uk   us   /ədˈvɑːns/
[I or T] to ​develop and become ​successful, or to make something do this: Biotechnology continues to advance at a rapid ​pace.advance to sth She eventually advanced to vice-chairman of the ​bank.advance your career/interests/position Some ​employees decide to ​study for an ​MBA in ​order to advance their ​careers.
[I] FINANCE, STOCK MARKET to ​increase in ​value: On the New York Stock Exchange 1,128 ​issues advanced and 1,057 ​declined .advance 5.5 cents/8p/10.9 points, etc. The ​generalstockindex advanced 1.94 ​points, or 0.04%, to 5291.45.advance against sth The ​dollar advanced against the Japanese ​yen.
[I] to ​increase in ​number, ​amount, or ​value: Overall, ​consumerprices are advancing at a ​modestrate. Pre-tax ​profits advanced 10% to €252m.
to suggest a new ​idea or ​plan to a ​group of ​people: Measures advanced by the General ​Assemblyincludedreducingvehicle carbon-dioxide ​emissions.advance a plan/proposal/theory Several ​proposals for ​reform were advanced by ​members of ​Congress.
[T] FINANCE to give someone ​money before the usual ​time or before a ​piece of ​work is ​finished: advance sb sth Two weeks ago I ​hired him, and advanced him $10,000.advance sth to sb Evidence ​shows that ​lenders are becoming more ​discriminating in advancing ​loans to borrowers.
[T] to ​change the ​date or ​time of an ​event to an earlier one: No ​plans were made to advance the ​boardmeeting.

advanceadjective [before noun]

uk   us   /ədˈvɑːns/
done or made before something else ​happens: Critics argue that advance ​planning would have little ​impact on ​finalpolicy decisions.advance knowledge/information Having advance ​information can be a powerful ​tool to ​negotiating a ​rate on a ​loan.advance bookings/sales/subscriptions Advance ​sales are down by about 3%.advance notice/warning Federal ​lawsrequirecompanies to ​provide advance ​notice when ​laying off ​workers. Russell has been ​offered an advance ​payment of $450,000 for her next novel.
(Definition of advance from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)
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