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affectverb [ T ]

uk /əˈfekt/ us /əˈfekt/

affect verb [ T ] (INFLUENCE)

B2 to have an influence on someone or something, or to cause a change in someone or something:

Both buildings were badly affected by the fire.
The divorce affected every aspect of her life.
It's a disease that affects mainly older people.
I was deeply affected by the film (= it caused strong feelings in me).

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affectverb [ T ]

us /əˈfekt/

affect verb [ T ] (INFLUENCE)

to have an influence on someone or something:

The disease only affects cattle.
I was deeply affected by the film.

affect verb [ T ] (PRETEND)

to pretend to be or have something:

Since joining the band he’s affected a ridiculous southern accent.

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Secondly there is a lady within thirteen weeks of retirement who is desperate for news of a decision that will affect seriously her financial circumstances in old age.
The problem is, we need public expenditure, we have the potential to generate public earnings which do not affect the productive structure or development of the economy or its competitiveness.
We also believe in the principle of subsidiarity, according to which decisions are to be made as close as possible to the people they affect.
Many of our fellow citizens are apprehensive about how all this will affect their daily lives - about its impact on employment, the environment, immigration and law and order.
In that case it may mean that if part of a family has been granted asylum, that will affect the consideration of asylum for other members of the same family.
We also believe in the principle of subsidiarity whereby decisions are to be taken as close as possible to those whom they affect.
Such conditions affect us all.
Addressing the issue of affordability of medicines should never exclude the focus on prevention efforts, nor negatively affect the debate on research and development.
Macro-economic policy, employment policy and social policy all affect each other and this is why they should be brought more closely together.
However, it is a notoriously difficult area to enforce because of outside conditions, such as bad weather, that will affect the way fishermen operate.

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