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Meaning of “against” in the English Dictionary

"against" in British English

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uk   /əˈɡenst/ /-ˈɡeɪnst/  us   /-ˈɡenst/

against preposition (OPPOSING)

A2 disagreeing with a ​plan or ​activity: She ​spoke against the ​decision to ​close the ​college. 50 ​peoplevoted against the new ​proposal. I'm very much against the ​idea that it is the woman's ​job to ​bring up the ​child. Germany are ​playing against ​Brazil in the ​cupfinaltonight. She's always ​rebelled against ​authority. She ​sold the ​houseeven though it was against his ​wishes. They called a ​demonstration to ​protest against ​proposedjobcuts. Are you for or against my ​proposal? Sanctions against the ​country should be ​lifted. Stricter ​controls will ​help in the ​fight against ​inflation. Criminal ​charges will be ​brought against the ​driver. They ​decided not to take ​legalaction against him. They were up against a ​powerfulpressuregroup. We came up against a lot of ​problems in the ​course of ​buildingourextension. The chances/​odds against you ​winning such a ​competition are ​enormous. It's against the ​law (= ​illegal) to ​leavechildren under a ​certainagealone in the ​house. It's against my beliefs/​principles to be ​nice to someone I ​dislike just because they're in a ​seniorposition. Against all ​probability (= ​although it was ​extremelyunlikely) we ​found ourselves in the same ​hotel. I wouldn't ​dare say anything against him (= ​criticize him) to his ​mother!have sth against sb C1 If you have something against someone, you ​dislike them for a ​reason: I've nothing against him - I just don't have much in ​common with him.count/go/work against sb If something ​counts/goes/​works against you, it gives you a ​disadvantage: Lack of ​experience will ​generallycount against you in an ​interview.
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against preposition (TOUCHING)

A2 next to and ​touching or being ​supported by (something): Why don't we put the ​bed against the ​wall? He ​loved the ​feel of her ​softhair against his ​skin. The ​rainbeat against her ​face as she ​struggled through the ​wind. The ​policeofficer had him up against the ​wall, both ​arms behind his back. She ​leaned against the ​door. in ​front of or ​compared to: Paintings ​lookbest against a ​simplewhitewall.
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against preposition (IN OPPOSITE DIRECTION)

B1 in the ​oppositedirection to: The last ​part of the ​course was hard because I was ​running against the ​wind. Commuting is not so ​bad when you are ​travelling against the ​traffic.

against preposition (AS PROTECTION)

as a ​protection or ​defence from the ​badeffects of: We've ​insured the ​car against ​fire, ​theft, and ​accident. The ​police have to ​arm themselves against ​attack.
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(Definition of against from the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

"against" in American English

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 us   /əˈɡenst, əˈɡeɪnst/

against preposition (IN OPPOSITION)

in ​opposition to; ​opposed to: I ​know you’d like to get a more ​expensivecar, but I’m against it. It’s against the ​law to ​throwyourtrash there (= It’s ​illegal). She ​voted against the ​taxincrease. He ​warned them against ​repeating (= not to ​repeat) the ​mistakes of the ​formeradministration. Against also ​means in ​competition with: He would have to ​run against O’Toole for ​countytreasurer. To go against something ​means to go in the ​oppositedirection to it: swimming against the ​current

against preposition (DIRECTED AT)

directed at or toward: Among the ​chargesleveled against them were ​bribery and ​taxevasion. There's a ​process for ​filingclaims against the ​city. Note: Used about something negative.

against preposition (TOUCHING)

next to and ​touching or being ​supported by something: It would ​savespace if we put the ​bed against the ​wall. He ​leaned his ​head against the back of his ​chair.
(Definition of against from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)
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