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uk /əˈɡriː/ us /əˈɡriː/


A2 [ I or T ] to have the same opinion:

Ann and I never seem to agree.
I agree with you on this issue.
My father and I don't agree about/on very much.
[ + that ] I agree that he should be invited.
[ + question word ] Experts seem unable to agree whether the drug is safe or not.
[ + speech ] "You're absolutely right," agreed Jake.

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agree verb (SAY YES)

B1 [ I or T ] to decide something together:

They agreed not to tell anyone about what had happened.
We couldn't agree on what to buy.
UK We finally agreed a deal.

B2 [ I or T ] to accept a suggestion or idea:

I suggested that we should meet, and they agreed (= said yes).
[ + to infinitive ] The bank has agreed (= is willing) to lend me £5,000.

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us /əˈɡri/

to have the same opinion, or to accept a suggestion or idea:

[ I ] I agree with you.
[ I ] We all agree on that point.
[ + to infinitive ] In settling the dispute, he agreed to pay $60,000 in damages.
[ + that clause ] Most economists agree that it would be unwise to cut taxes right now.
[ I ] Both sides agreed to the terms of the peace treaty.
[ I ] I agree with letting children learn at their own pace.

If two sets of information agree, they are generally the same:

[ I ] Since their stories did not agree at all, he knew one of them was lying.

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agreeverb [ I or T ]

uk /əˈɡriː/ us

to accept someone else’s plan, suggestion, etc.:

agree to do sth Federal regulators and US lenders agreed to freeze interest rates on subprime mortgages for five years.
be agreed by/between sb/sth Any change to branch rules must be agreed by two thirds of members at the branch meeting.
agree sth UK The union's national executive committee will meet on Thursday to agree the new strategy.

to have the same opinion, or to approve of someone else’s ideas and opinions:

agree that The credit card company agreed that we'd been overcharged and will credit the amount in our next bill.
agree with sb on sth Although we like his plan in general, we don't agree with him on every issue.

Phrasal verb(s)

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