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uk /əˈledʒd/ us /əˈledʒd/ formal
adverb uk /əˈledʒ.ɪ us /əˈledʒ.ɪ



That's where he allegedly killed his wife.

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In 2001, a fresh inquiry was opened following a claim, but the investigation did not yield proof of the alleged facts.
I would also like to express my concern at the alleged use of cluster munitions and call on both countries to refrain from using such munitions.
There have been 77 bankruptcies in the past nine years, and it is alleged that the airline industry is facing more turbulence than ever.
His alleged election is a dreadful sham, his power is not legitimate and his violence against the opposition is a brutal crime.
The alleged reason for this is outrageous.
Persistent uncertainty about what has actually occurred and who is responsible for alleged war crimes and other violations of international law is fuelling fear and panic among the civilian population.
There are also others who are waiting on death row, sentenced for alleged crimes they committed when they were still minors.
Courts should have the necessary instruments available to act swiftly and freeze the assets of the debtor or alleged debtor, however not under any circumstances.
We cannot be told that there is overproduction of wine, which is anyway untrue, and at the same time prevented from using, or at least reducing, this alleged overproduction.
I find it particularly alarming that it is possible for the judiciary to be misused in order to deal with cases of alleged defamation.