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analyseverb [ T ]

UK US analyze uk /ˈæn.əl.aɪz/ us /ˈæn.əl.aɪz/

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analyseverb [ T ]

UK US analyze uk /ˈænəlaɪz/ us

to study or examine something in detail, in order to discover more about it:

Researchers analysed the purchases of 6300 households.
analyse data/results/information Management requires enthusiasm and intuition rather than merely an ability to analyze data and invent strategies.
analyse a problem/issue We need to look at what went wrong, analyze the problem, and come up with a solution.

(Definition of “analyse” from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

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Do you analyse them in any way?
The policy planning and early warning unit allows us at long last to analyse what we mean by a common foreign and security policy.
As you know, we have initiated a broad consultation on the future of consumer protection, and we have started to analyse reactions from the stakeholders.
We believe that the idea is correct, although we believe that here also we should analyse the wording with a little more care in order to prevent problems.
I therefore ask for a debate to be opened on the principle of subsidiarity, in order to analyse the extent to which this often limits the freedom of our citizens.
If we analyse the efficacy of our cooperation for development, we will confirm that in those countries where democracy and respect for human rights are improved, everything works better.
While we have no problem with the general direction of the proposals, we need to analyse further the values and definitions proposed.
My intention is to analyse the work that has been undertaken by my services, to determine what further work can be done.
The criteria according to which concentrations are approved or rejected may therefore differ from the criteria used to analyse the effect on competition and its potential efficiency.
However, on the positive side, this budget will allow us to analyse how to reduce the balance of outstanding payments and needs for 2003 payments.