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uk /ˈæŋk.ʃəs/ us /ˈæŋk.ʃəs/

anxious adjective (WORRIED)

B1 worried and nervous:

My mother always gets a bit anxious if we don't arrive when we say we will.
I saw my sister's anxious face at the window.
The drought has made farmers anxious about the harvest.

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anxious adjective (EAGER)

B2 eager to do something:

Developing countries that are anxious for hard currency can rarely afford to protect the environment.
[ + to infinitive ] I'm anxious to get home to open my presents.
[ + that ] I'm anxious that we get there on time because I don't think there'll be many seats left.

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adverb uk /ˈæŋk.ʃə us /ˈæŋk.ʃə


We waited anxiously by the phone.
Tomorrow the children will receive their anxiously (= eagerly) awaited presents.

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us /ˈæŋk·ʃəs/

wanting very much for something to happen; eager:

[ + to infinitive ] I’ve been anxious to meet you.
[ + to infinitive ] It was getting late, and I was anxious to get home.
adverb us /ˈæŋ·ʃəs·li/

We waited anxiously by the phone.

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We are anxious to go through with it and we will be supporting the vast majority of the amendments and following the rapporteur tomorrow.
I do call for negotiations between the members of the majority and the opposition, for the country is anxious about a civil war.
We are all anxious to see this.
We are anxious to have a frank debate, which will enable us to reach an agreement without doing away with the problematic articles.
I say to colleagues who have indeed caught my eye, but who are getting anxious about my catching their eye, that it is simply a question of sequencing.
We need to give them the means to travel and to receive education and healthcare because ultimately we, the women of the same world as them, are a little anxious.
As the deadline approaches the amount of opposition increases, but so does the number of those who are concerned and anxious.
Even in those cases, however, we are anxious to express our reservations, insofar as these are recommendations, which the countries concerned will either observe or not, as they choose.
People are anxious at the mention of radiation and radioactivity, so it is right to call for the most stringent requirements on protection measures.
The public are anxious.

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