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uk /əˈpɪə.rəns/ us /əˈpɪr.əns/

appearance noun (BEING PRESENT)

B2 [ C ] an occasion when someone appears in public:

It was his first appearance on television/television appearance as president.
She will be making a public appearance, signing copies of her latest novel.

[ C ] an occasion when someone goes to court to be officially involved in a trial:

This was the defendant's third court appearance for the same offence.

B2 [ C ] a public performance by an entertainer:

He made his first stage/TV appearance at the age of six.
put in/make an appearance

to be present somewhere for a short time:

I didn't really want to go to the party, but I thought I'd better put in an appearance.

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appearance noun (WAY YOU LOOK)

B1 [ C or U ] the way a person or thing looks to other people:

a middle-aged man of smart appearance
You can alter/change the whole appearance of a room just by lighting it in a certain way.
There was nothing unusual about/in her physical appearance.
The large car outside the house gave the appearance of wealth (= suggested wealthy people lived there).
Appearances can be deceptive.
appearances [ plural ]

what things look like or seem to be rather than what they actually are:

He was a far more complicated man than outward appearances suggested.
to/from all appearances

judging from what can be seen:

To all appearances their marriage is fine, but I think she gives him a bad time in private.

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us /əˈpɪər·əns/

appearance noun (HOW IT SEEMS)

[ U ] the way a person or thing looks or seems to other people:

The most striking feature of his appearance was his long hair.

appearance noun (PERFORMANCE)

[ C ] a public performance in a play, movie, dance, or other similar event:

Her only screen appearances were in two made-for-television movies.

appearance noun (BEING PRESENT)

[ C ] the act of becoming noticeable or the fact of being present:

It was his first television appearance.

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