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apportionverb [ T ]

uk /əˈpɔː.ʃən/ us /əˈpɔːr.ʃən/ formal

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apportionverb [ T ]

us /əˈpɔr·ʃən, -ˈpoʊr-/

to give or share something among several people or things:

How should medical care be funded and apportioned?

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"apportion" in Business English

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apportionverb [ T ]

uk /əˈpɔːʃən/ us

to share something between several people or organizations:

apportion sth between sb/sth The costs will be apportioned between the buyer and the seller.
apportion sth to sb/sth She apportioned 25% of her estate to her grandchildren.
apportion sth among sb/sth International agreements apportioning flights among airlines will soon be a thing of the past.

INSURANCE, LAW to decide who is responsible for an accident or event, especially when deciding how much of the costs each person, insurance company, etc. should pay:

I'm not here to apportion blame, but only to try and resolve the problem.
Liability was apportioned 80-20 in his favour.

ACCOUNTING, TAX to divide costs between different accounts or uses:

apportion sth between sb/sth Items such as gas and electricity bills can be apportioned between home and work use.

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