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appraisalnoun [ C or U ]

uk /əˈpreɪ.zəl/ us /əˈpreɪ.zəl/

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appraisalnoun [ C or U ]

uk /əˈpreɪzəl/ us

an examination of the value, condition, qualities, etc. of something:

accurate/realistic/honest appraisal She said there was a desire for "an honest appraisal to identify the true facts of this matter".
Items valued at over $500 require written independent appraisals.
real estate/property appraisal A private real estate appraisal for the sale put the value at $1.53 million.

also performance appraisal, also performance evaluation, also performance review HR, MANAGEMENT a meeting between an employee and their manager to discuss their progress, aims, and needs at work:

Performance appraisals focus centrally on task standards and on work behaviours, not on personality.
Millions of employees undergo formal appraisal.

(Definition of “appraisal” from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

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All the others are compelled to accept the supervision of their budgetary and financial policies and the appraisal of their level of convergence.
Furthermore, if we moved automatically to a tariff only system, there would be no point in having an interim review or an appraisal at the end of the transitional period.
If you draw up a report, it could, if need be, provide an appraisal of it, but it will not do an evaluation report.
I shall make an appraisal of the basic amendments and, at the same time, reply to the main issues raised today.
The adoption of this clause is subject to the ordinary legislative procedure that should be considered a first step to any appraisal of the advisability ...
The authorities must likewise draft an appraisal of the environmental impact in all projects and plans that may have an effect on the natural worth of the areas concerned.
After careful appraisal of the options, efforts should now begin to focus on balanced, medium-term assistance with resettlement of the homeless and the rehabilitation of essential social infrastructure.
In applying requirements for motorcycles attention has to be paid to the consequences, meaning there has to be a careful appraisal made of technical feasibility and cost-effectiveness.
We continue to reject this strategy and, unlike many others, we are more critical in our appraisal of the history of the current agricultural policy.
On the contrary, what is needed is a thorough examination on the basis of pertinent sources of information and a conscientious appraisal of the results.