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uk /əˈprəʊ.pri.ət/ us /əˈproʊ.pri.ət/

B2 suitable or right for a particular situation or occasion:

appropriate footwear for the country
Is this film appropriate for small children?
I didn't think his comments were very appropriate at the time.
Is this an appropriate occasion to discuss finance?
Please complete the appropriate parts of this form (= the parts that are right or necessary for your particular situation) and return it as soon as possible.

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adverb uk /əˈprəʊ.pri.ə us /əˈproʊ.pri.ə



She didn't think we were appropriately dressed for a wedding.
noun [ U ] uk /əˈprəʊ.pri.ət.nəs/ us /əˈproʊ.pri.ət.nəs/

appropriateverb [ T ]

uk /əˈprəʊ.pri.eɪt/ us /əˈproʊ.pri.eɪt/ formal

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us /əˈproʊ·pri·ət/

appropriate adjective (CORRECT)

correct or right for a particular situation or occasion:

Punishment should be appropriate to the crime.
I don’t have any appropriate clothes.
adverb us /əˈproʊ·pri·ət·li/

Those kids aren’t appropriately dressed for the cold.
noun [ U ] us /əˈproʊ·pri·ət·nəs/

I wonder about the appropriateness of borrowing money from my brother.

appropriateverb [ T ]

us /əˈproʊ·priˌeɪt/

appropriate verb [ T ] (TAKE)

to take and use for a purpose:

The state appropriated funds for more clinics.

Appropriate also means to steal:

He lost his job after he appropriated some of the company’s money.

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The question whether the text we are now being asked to adopt is appropriate, especially from a food safety or macroeconomic point of view, is extremely debatable.
The expertise of this scientific committee is well known and it would be appropriate to take its opinion into account before any legislative decision is taken.
An annual verification of the statement would therefore be more appropriate than a verification every third year, as in the majority of cases.
By the same token, we think that the provision of air traffic services should be open to liberalisation, subject to what each individual country decides is appropriate for itself.
In the absence of appropriate assurances on safety, the relevance of the nuclear industry to a changing world economy and environment is likely to continue to be a controversial issue.
I believe that you have chosen an appropriate moment, that you have spelled out a coherent and significant vision and that you have formulated a challenge with great personal conviction.
Maintaining regular dialogue and continuing all the steps which have been made so far, when and if appropriate, is the right way to proceed in this context.
Given the growing awareness that money is the main objective and driving force behind organised crime, appropriate measures also need to be taken which target the profits from organised crime.
Finally, the slightest suspicion of any form of spongiform encephalopathy in any animal must be notified to the competent authorities so that we can take appropriate action.
I shall continue to ensure that the right mix of funding is used to ensure that public and private actors can play their appropriate part.