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archivenoun [ C ]

uk /ˈɑː.kaɪv/ us /ˈɑːr.kaɪv/

archiveverb [ T ]

uk /ˈɑː.kaɪv/ us /ˈɑːr.kaɪv/
adjective uk /ˌɑːˈkaɪ.vəl/ us /ˌɑːrˈkaɪ.vəl/

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us /ˈɑr·kɑɪv/ also archives

the documents showing the history of a place, organization, or family, or the place where these are kept:

The author’s manuscripts are in the college archives.
adjective [ not gradable ] us /ɑrˈkɑɪ·vəl/

I’m doing some archival research on my family’s history.

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"archive" in Business English

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uk /ˈɑːkaɪv/ us

[ C, usually plural ] a collection of records that are no longer used:

an archive of financial statements

[ C ] IT a computer file used to store electronic information or documents that you no longer need to use regularly:

Use your e-mail application's archive feature to transfer messages that are older than six months to an archive file.

[ C ] INTERNET a set of documents and files that are available on the internet for people to look at:

An online archive exists with all of those reviews.

archiveverb [ T ]

uk /ˈɑːkaɪv/ us

to store old records or documents so that you can access them again in the future:

The file was archived about a year ago after a worker wrongly labeled it as inactive.

IT to store electronic information that you no longer need to use regularly in a special file that uses less space on your computer:

In all, 31,000 archived e-mails thought to have been deleted were later uncovered.
noun [ U ]

The fragility of the discs means they aren't reliable enough for long-term archiving.

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There was no overview of the internal and external audit reports, and the archive was also in something of a mess.