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uk /ˈær.ə.ɡənt/ us /ˈer-/
noun [ U ] uk /ˈær.ə.ɡəns/ us /ˈer-/


He has a self-confidence that is sometimes seen as arrogance.
adverb us uk /-li/

The authorities had behaved arrogantly, she said.

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us /ˈær·ə·ɡənt/

proud in an unpleasant way and behaving as if you are better or more important than other people:

I never met a more conceited and arrogant young man.
noun [ U ] us /ˈær·ə·ɡəns/

I was disgusted by his arrogance.
adverb us /ˈær·ə·ɡənt·li/

Lapham arrogantly claimed the land was his.

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We must not allow arrogant officials to burden the lives of winegrowers, who themselves, through their taxes, help to pay the wages of the same officials.
To say that equality is possible if we simply make everything absolutely equal in legal terms is really so arrogant that one can hardly comprehend it.
Both showed an arrogant disregard for the ambitions and aspirations of ordinary people and eventually we shall be able to say that both failed.
I would like to finish by saying that we can no longer tolerate the arrogant attitude the pharmaceutical industry adopted last year in relation to certain countries.
There are scientists so arrogant today that they are already patenting their discoveries, as if they had stumbled upon their own creation.
You said yourself today – in that most incredibly arrogant speech – that the whole process of political integration will continue regardless of what the people say.
I definitely believe that there are many reasons, and it would be a little excessive and arrogant to try to simplify the situation.
Centralisation means arrogant governments that think they know better than the people who are experiencing the regional problems and who choose solutions for them themselves.
There will never be peace between rich people who are too rich and too arrogant, and poor people who are too poor and too humiliated.
We cannot afford to be arrogant here.