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uk /ˈæs.pekt/ us /ˈæs.pekt/

aspect noun (FEATURE)

B2 [ C ] one part of a situation, problem, subject, etc.:

Which aspects of the job do you most enjoy?
His illness affects almost every aspect of his life.
That's the most worrying aspect of the situation.
Lighting is a vitally important aspect of filmmaking.
Have you thought about the problem from every aspect?

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aspectnoun [ C ]

us /ˈæs·pekt/

a particular feature of or way of thinking about something, esp. something complicated:

There’s another aspect of the cost of caring for old parents at home that I’d like to mention.
He knows almost every aspect of the criminal justice system.
A farmer has to handle various aspects of the business.

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Moreover, it would be flexible in its organisation, offering great potential for development, with the possibility of training programmes being held at the best qualified national institute for each aspect.
The need has become clear for governments to include a gender aspect in all government policies, from employment to development, from social policies to the fight against violence.
Because they keep going for split voting on so many articles when there is often only one aspect they want to vote against.
Next, there is one other aspect which has not been taken into account, to wit, the potential interaction between the many additives found in food.
A particularly important aspect is greater emphasis on dialogue with the national authorities in beneficiary countries to ensure that national programmes more accurately reflect our mutual interest.
One important aspect for the future is that when finally adopted, this proposal will form a part of the acquis communautaire.
The technical aspect will consist of representatives of the key groups which are closely involved in the problems of financial accounting.
On the contrary, it must be derived by operating a multi-dimensional structure and system within which the parliamentary aspect plays an important part.
In relation to the entirety of the reform, we would therefore wait for, as soon as is possible, a complete document stating the budgetary aspect of the current negotiations.
The nutritional aspect is surely the central element here and the continuation of the consumption of milk by schoolchildren is what we should be working towards.

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