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uk /ˈæs.pekt/ us /ˈæs.pekt/

aspect noun (FEATURE)

B2 [ C ] one part of a situation, problem, subject, etc.:

Which aspects of the job do you most enjoy?
His illness affects almost every aspect of his life.
That's the most worrying aspect of the situation.
Lighting is a vitally important aspect of filmmaking.
Have you thought about the problem from every aspect?

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aspect noun (APPEARANCE)

[ S ] formal the appearance of a place, or the expression on a person's face:

The glasses and the beard lend him a rather scholarly aspect.

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aspectnoun [ C ]

us /ˈæs·pekt/

a particular feature of or way of thinking about something, esp. something complicated:

There’s another aspect of the cost of caring for old parents at home that I’d like to mention.
He knows almost every aspect of the criminal justice system.
A farmer has to handle various aspects of the business.

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Any such development would lead to farmers running at different speeds, to greater inequalities between the regions, and would have serious consequences on the financial aspect of the cohesion countries.
I hope that everyone else who, later in the debate, discusses issues of life and death will also consider this aspect.
The second aspect of safety that we have to get to grips with is the requirement to fit seatbelts, which at present applies only to new coaches.
Incidentally, there is one aspect regarding the minimum sum that must not be overlooked, that is to say, adequately protecting those victims of accidents that are the most affected.
Thus, this aspect appears particularly important.
Measures to moderate and adjust must also be based, over and above the aspect of the cost of productivity, on meeting future challenges.
Our thoughts are chiefly turned to the environmental aspects and the economic costs; while the social aspect - the attention to social inequality - has up to now been left behind.
We absolutely must eradicate this scourge that is unworthy of our society, and this aspect must form an integral part of the fight against illegal immigration.
Thus, for example, the taxation of fuels should take account of the environmentally friendly aspect by lowering taxes on liquid fuels in this category.
My first reaction to this is to warn against talking about migration in general and then getting into the aspect of applications for asylum.

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