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assessmentnoun [ C or U ]

uk /əˈses.mənt/ us /əˈses.mənt/

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assessmentnoun [ C or U ]

/əˈsesmənt/ uk us

the process of considering all the information about a situation or a person and making a judgement:

conduct/give/make an assessment The first thing you must do is make an assessment of the situation.
a detailed/thorough assessment They intend to conduct a more detailed assessment of potential clients.
initial/preliminary assessment According to our initial assessment, progress was considerably slower than had been predicted.
They have asked for an independent safety assessment of the factory.

the process of considering the amount or value of something, or the decision that is made:

carry out/make an assessment The lender will send out a valuer or surveyor to make an assessment of the property.
If you disagree with our assessment, you have the right to appeal.

also tax assessment TAX the process of calculating how much tax someone must pay, or the amount that must be paid:

Much of the responsibility for tax assessment was passed to the taxpayer.
We may alter an assessment up to two years after tax became due.

HR the process of testing, and making a judgement about , someone's knowledge, ability, skills, etc.:

The diploma will be awarded based on a final exam and continuous assessment throughout the course.
Every new employee will need to take an English-language assessment test.

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We can change our pattern of agricultural production and we can use strategic environmental impact assessment to enable us to work with nature rather than assuming we can conquer it.
Firstly, there must be a balance between the plans for which the strategic environmental assessment is obligatory and those for which we have to make a selection.
The airports were built haphazardly and no practical assessment of the environmental impact was made as the towns, or certain parts of them, grew up around the airport structures.
The joint position clearly distinguishes the plans for which the strategic environmental assessment is obligatory from those for which it is necessary to make a selection, a screening.
The environmental impact study for this agreement, which we paid for, does not include an assessment of the impact that liberalisation will have on tar sands.
There must also be built-in assessment mechanisms.
I believe that it is not necessary to conduct a risk assessment every time it is proposed to use a ladder.
Gentlemen, obviously the quaestors who look into this matter are not going to be basing their assessment just on information from radio programmes.
In spite of the time wasted, the rapporteur regrets that the qualitative assessment of the implementation of the theme year programme is imperfect.
We will have to make our own assessment of what happened, and prepare the documents to make contacts with different parties, and of course with the "umbrella group" .